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We are are here united by common purpose

To offer programs, mentorship, counselling, and services that build confidence and resilience in girls and young women, enabling them to live their lives to the best.

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Become a Mentor

Getting involved in the UG's sisterhood by becoming a mentor is a great way to give back and provide support, guidance, and friendship for a girl or young woman facing the same challenges and issues.

We don’t expect you to have all the answers; you’re there to listen without judgment, be a friend, and share your own lived experiences, Learnings and more.

Donate & Support

At UG, we appreciate all the donations we receive, which allow us to continue providing support and encouragement to girls, young women, their families, and the community equipping them with the monthly food supplies, hygiene items, clothing and education material - books, school uniforms, stationery.

We believe in empowering girls with education and education is the gateway to provide a life of choice and fulfilment.  For Young women living in rural parts of India we continue to provide them tools and machinery for them to make a stable income every month such as setting up a Sewing machine, embroidery work and more.

Packing Food in Boxes

Become a Volunteer

If you’re interested in supporting the work of Unicorn Giving , there are many ways you can donate your time and volunteer with us. Whether it’s helping out with fundraising, raising community awareness of the issues young women face, promoting the work of UG within your organisation, or showing support by attending our events, it all makes a big difference.

We believe that all community members can support girls and young women in the ACT to live life boldly. And so, if you’d like to help out, we’d love to hear from you.   

All our Welfare programs are free to girls and young women, their families, and their communities

At the Workforce
Accelerate your Female squad !

Giving your team a gift that accelerates their self-development can be your ladder to success and Fulfillment

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Speaking at Conference
Group Stretching
Modern Creative Office


Immersive Programs

Exclusive Experiences 

Cracking Events

Join the community, join the movement, join Unicorn Giving

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